Book Buyer Client Session

A few weeks ago I offered a free session on 2+2 to someone who had bought the book, and had questions about how to best implement the material. Matt, aka MJM on 2+2, posted these questions, which I thought would be useful to a wide range of people who bought the book.

The session doesn’t disappoint. As often is the case, players think their issue is one thing, only to learn that the surface problem is being caused by flaws they didn’t see, or realize were connected. In Matt’s case, he wanted to improve his focus, having recently realized that too often he’s browsing forums, on skype, etc., and not as focus, nor as motivated as he really needs to be. What Matt didn’t realize, was the impact his lack of confidence had on his ability to focus, nor did he realize that his lack of confidence was being caused by fear.

The mental game can be complex and for some of you sessions like these are necessary for you to take a real step further and solve your mental game problems. If it does, I’ll do more of them. So, let me know what you think.

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