Preparing for the WSOP: Part 1

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Of the thousands of players who compete in the WSOP main event, just a very small percentage of them are physically and mentally prepared for the gruelling task ahead of them.

If things go well, you will be playing consecutive 16 hour days with little time to rest and reset your mind. How you prepare before, during, and after each day is key to maintaining focus while you are playing through the marathon that is the WSOP.

Before You Fly Out

Playing for 16 hour days requires a lot of physical and mental stamina. You can prepare now to play longer sessions, so you are not overwhelmed when you get there. Mental stamina is just like physical endurance needed by a marathon runner; you cannot possibly expect to play at your best for 16 hours/day if you can only manage 5 or 6 hours in your normal routine. Read more

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