Learn to Multi-table

People who suggest that mass-multitablers are playing a ‘mindless’ form of poker, don’t really understand the skill behind it. The truth is that successful multi-tablers, like my good friend and Pokerstrategy coach, Dusty “Leatherass9” Schmidt, have automated an incredibly complex decision-making process. That makes Dusty, and others, look like they’re playing mindlessly, when in reality they’re making tons of complex in-game decisions instinctually and with very little conscious thinking. It’s not mindless, it’s instinctual.

The first time I watched Dusty play 16 tables was an incredible thing to witness first hand. I was exhausted after 45 minutes! After closely studying what Dusty, and other mass multi-tablers are able to do, I’ve learned the skills behind their “talent.” Over the past several years have coached many players to reach SuperNova, SuperNova Elite, and other rake race or volume type goals/prop bets. In this article I lay out some of the key skills that will help you to learn how to increase your volume and multi-tabling powers.

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Article posted on PokerStrategy.com

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