Contest: Win a Free Coaching Session

I’ve decided to do a contest just for 2+2 members, where the winner will get a free 1 hr coaching session with me, to help them work through an area of their mental game.

To enter: In this thread, make a short post (less than 300 words) about the area of the book that you’re struggling to understand, apply to your game, and/or see the connection it has to your game.

At the end of the day on Friday, I’ll select a winner. The only thing I ask, is that we record the session so others can learn. I’ll post the audio in the 2+2 thread (if I can figure out how) otherwise I’ll post in my blog.

For everyone else not selected, I’ll post answer your questions in that thread. Which means, it mayl turn into a bit of a Q&A style that I’ve done before on 2+2. It might be slightly derailing to any book questions/discussion, but I’ll still answer those questions as well.

Since the ebook versions were just released yesterday, I realize some of you have just begun reading the book, that’s totally fine. The person selected will have posted something I think will be interesting for many others to learn from. How long they’ve been reading the book won’t be a factor. Plus, if it goes well I’ll likely do it again down the road.

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