Answering Your Mental Game Questions

Tomorrow around 1pm Eastern, I’ll be answering your mental game questions via video. Submit them through either twitter or facebook and I’ll get to as many questions as I can. Tilt. Focus. Confidence. Fear. Increasing Volume. Playing A-game/Zone more…What do you want help with or want to know?

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One Response to “Answering Your Mental Game Questions”

  1. Love the book !

    Since BF I am back to playing for a living playing live poker. I have been using your book and have already seen improvements. I commute to the casino every TH-SUN and my results have been great. One area I would like to improve on is hours played

    I need to find ways to play longer sessions – I have found that around 4-5 hours even with small breaks I get tired and my play can sometime slip from A-game to A- or B-game because of this i rarely play more than 5 hours without a long break/rest. Later in the evening it is more like 3 hours before I start losing focus. I think this is mostly a fatigue issue.

    I have been playing an afternoon session taking a break to workout and grab a quick nap. Then I go back to casino for evening session. So overall I average about ~8 hours of play on Fri/Sat and 6 hours of play on Th/Sun do to travel time. I feel like I am leaving a lot of money on the table by not playing more. I would also like to learn to concentrate more longer periods so I can try my hand at a few MTTs


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