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My chapter in Poker Satellite Strategy

Tweet This is an excerpt from the Mental Game chapter of Poker Satellite Strategy by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter (with guest insights from yours truly).  There is nothing more brutal in poker than a satellite bubble. Over the years I have had to do a lot of mental health counselling with students who play […]

Making Sure My Next Book Helps You

Tweet I’m excited to announce I’m writing a new book. I’m switching it up this time, however, and it’s not about poker – it’s The Mental Game of Trading. Sorry to disappoint fans of The Mental Game of Poker books who were hoping for The Mental Game of Poker 3. But I do think some […]

BIG BIG NEWS: Brand new free poker book

Tweet I’m really excited to announce that in partnership with 888 Poker, I’ve released a 15 chapter blog series/mini mental game book. The material is all brand new, so if you’re a fan of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2 there’s a lot here for you. The content builds upon and simplifies areas […]


Tweet Jared is not a fan of creating short-term fixes. While he admits there is a lot of great advice out there, if that advice does not translate to a fundamental change in the way you think about the game, learning, and yourself, then you will have to constantly come up with new tricks and […]

The Business of Betting Podcast

Tweet One of the most fun and fascinating aspects of my work has been having the opportunity to work with top performers in a variety of fields. I have worked with pro golfers, professional poker players, traders and esports professionals to name a few. However different each profession is, there are far more similarities. For […]

The Chip Race

Tweet I was invited back to speak with Dave and Dara from the Chip Race Podcast where we discussed mental preparation for a big series like the WSOP or WCOOP. They are also joined by EPT Champion, Ben Willonofsky, take a look at the recent successes and antics of former guest Phil Hellmuth and much […]

The Inner Changemaker Podcast

Tweet I have been doing more interviews with entrepreneurs like this one I did with Jay Wong from The Inner Changemaker Podcast. We dive into what is the mental game needed to be successful in life. If you want to have a strong mental game you’ll want to listen in.   Tweet

Video Instruction at LearnWPT

Tweet For the last six months I’ve been making videos at LearnWPT. The WPT’s learning arm captained by Nick Binger. Below you can check out a sample of one of the videos I made about decision making. The reality is that your results in poker all come down to the decisions you make and that’s […]

Mental Endurance for the WSOP

Tweet After showing you how to prepare for the WSOP and then manage your emotions, my final tip for those of you taking a big shot at a live event like the WSOP sadly wont be relevant for most of the people playing, because it is about how to manage getting deep into the tournament. However, […]

Don’t mentally blow your WSOP

Tweet In my previous post I gave you some tactical advice on how to approach training for that big once a year live event like the WSOP Main Event. My core approach is to keep learning simple during this time, so don’t worry, what follows wont overload you. Today I want to prepare you for […]

Last minute WSOP mental training

Tweet For many in poker now is the most exciting time of year…the World Series of Poker is upon us. Those of you who are not regulars on the live circuit are very possibly about to take your once-a-year shot at a much event. Perhaps the Main Event, perhaps the Monster Stack, or maybe it’s […]

The Mental Game of Poker Rulings

Tweet My guest on The Mental Game Podcast is perhaps the one person in the world who has spent more time than me talking tilted poker players off a ledge. Matt Savage is without doubt the most accomplished Tournament Director in the industry and his opinion on rulings is second to none. If you follow […]

Mental Models with Matt Bodnar

Tweet In recent years I have developed a much bigger client list from the world of finance, trading and investment. This is in no small part because the mental game skills needed to do well in poker are directly transferable to trading, and vice versa. My guest today on the Mental Game Podcast shows precisely […]

Improve your focus with Andre Akkari

Tweet With the Olympics now over I have a very fitting guest on The Mental Game Podcast, not just because he is Brazilian but also because he is arguably one of the few professional poker players whose experience of the game mirrors that of elite athletes. Andre Akkari is a Team PokerStars Pro and WSOP […]

Your WCOOP questions answered

Tweet In a special edition of the Mental Game Podcast today Barry Carter and I discuss the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and my most commonly asked questions about it from a mental game perspective. I’ve coached a lot of professional players and staking groups on how to tackle this series, which can be […]

Life as Sport with Jonathan Fader

Tweet My guest today on the Mental Game Podcast Dr. Jonathan Fader is a clinical sport psychologist who works with top athletes, business people and most notably the New York Mets. He’s also the author of the new book, “Life as Sport: What top athletes can teach you about how to win in life.” Like […]

Developing resiliency with Niels Feijen

Tweet My guest today on the Mental Game Podcast is a long-time client who has been phenomenal to work with because, besides being an all-around great guy, he is deeply committed to the process of mastering his craft. Niels Feijen is a professional pool player from the Netherlands. He is one of the top players […]

Your Tilt Questions Answered

Tweet I got a great response to my last Q&A podcast on Goal Setting, so I have done another one all about Tilt. If you want to be featured on a future Q&A podcast, just contact me with your question. Today Barry and I discuss a wide range of topics I’m sure all of you […]

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