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7 Types of Tilt

Tweet World Poker Tour Magazine, Issue 84 [Click to read PDF] God decreed the 10 commandments, Ghandi outline seven principals to a happy life and now Jared Tendler is on hand to breakdown the seven types of tilt. In last month’s article we took a common explaination of tilt, refined it and firmly rooted it […]

A New Set of Results

Tweet Excerpt from Treat Your Poker Like a Business From Dusty’s Blog, December 15, 2009 Hi everyone, Today’s excerpt from “Treat Your Poker Like A Business” pertains to revising your concept of success. This piece is actually written by Jared Tendler, a performance coach for both poker players and golfers. As you probably know by […]

The Only Reason Tilt Happens

Tweet As appeared in April 2008 issue of 2+2 Magazine Tilt is a consequence of the brain’s response to a threat. This response has developed over the past 300+ million years and at this point in evolution, a threat does not have to be real physical danger; psychological threats are treated in the exact same […]

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