You Need Rest

World Poker Tour Magazine, Issue 92

You Need Rest To Be The Best

If you want to reach your peak mental performance you need to take regular breaks. Jared Tendler explains why rest is such a key factor in poker.

Poker players often get caught up in their hourly win rate or their $$ per hand stats, so much so that they begin to see their time at the table as a mathematical equation whereby time + win rate = $x (recurring). The problem with this equation, however, is that it assumes that the win rate is constant and that it is a simple case of playing more hours to win more money. This then leads to a player assuming that the more they play, the more they will win and that any time spent away from the table is costing them money. Consequently, this loss of earnings starts to translate in a dislike of rest, leading to a player thinking, focusing and playing poker at every opportunity. The intention of this article is to show you that rest is actually crucial in maintaining your win rate and making you a better player.

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