Why Do Good Players Go Broke?

Check out this article Barry and I wrote for Pokerstrategy.com.

We often talk about prizes won on the poker circuit as being a “life-changing sum of money”. Indeed, a lot of first prizes in EPT/WPT/WSOP events would easily afford you a nice house, a nice car and enough change left over so you could avoid working again for a very long time.

But why is it then that every week we are inundated with stories of players who have won small fortunes at the tables being declared broke, bankrupt, having bad debt, or even doing scummy things in the name of money? Why is poker so rife with riches to rags stories?

If we really wanted to, we could write a five-part article just listing these tremendous rise and fall stories in poker, but this month two particular ones have stood out. Click here to read more

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