Webinar: Conquering Tilt and Bad Beats

Tilt is the most destructive force in poker. Players who are unable to control tilt face a significant disadvantage. Especially with the poker more competitive than ever, even subtle tilt issues can have a dramatic impact on a player’s winrate today and decrease their likelihood for success in the future.

On Sunday, September 18th at 2pm Eastern, I’m holding my first poker webinar through DailyVariance.com, “Conquering Tilt and Bad Beats. It’s scheduled to be a 90 minute seminar, including a Q&A session, but knowing me, it’ll likely go long. I’ll be covering these topics:

  • Why previous attempts to eliminate tilt have failed.
  • Why a malfunctioning mind is beyond your control.
  • Why tilt can be a good thing.
  • How to identify your breaking point.
  • To dissect tilt in deeper ways than ever before.
  • How to identify and breakdown the seven types of tilt.
  • How Accumulated Tilt is a major wild card.
  • A strategic and logical method to begin truly conquering tilt.
  • When to quit and when to keep playing.
  • Realistic expectations around improving.
  • How to track improvement.

It’ll be a fast paced, indepth look at how to make major strides in solving your tilt problem. The webinar will be recorded and you’ll be given a copy to download and listen to as often as you like. Plus, Tri “slowhabit” Nguyen guarantees your satisfaction with the event and you can get a 100% refund if you’re aren’t happy with it.

If you have any questions about the webinar, I’m happy to answer them.

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