I’m sitting in the airport a few minutes from heading out to the Vegas for a few days. When I went to the world series a few years ago I was really new to poker and in many ways overwhelmed by how much I was learning. Though my work in poker is very similar to golf, the worlds are completely different. The golf world I knew for 20 years, the poker world I knew peripherally for many years too, but nothing is like being around some of the best in the world for a week.

My first night there I could barely sleep because I had so much crammed into my mind from listening in to conversations with Cottonseed, Dusty, Stosh, Hunter, Bryce, Nick talking poker. There’s a language and culture and I was like a traveling foreigner struggling to keep up. Now being an established member of the community, this trip will take on a whole different life.

As with any trip there’s always the unexpected, and I’ve purposefully left a lot of time open for it…plus it is Vegas. What is planned I’m really looking forward to. Hanging with Dusty, his wife, and getting to meet his beautiful daughter. Meeting clients who I’ve worked with, sometimes for years, for the first time. Other poker related meetings, networking and getting to see some of the friends I made on my London trip.

Those of you who are there, if you see me, stop me and say hi. With so much of my work online, I miss the everyday interactions people have in the offline work world…plus it’s just great to put a face/person with a screen name.

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