Two Great Interviews

Last week I had a couple very cool interviews. Each one was unique in its own right, but the common thread was they were really enjoyable for me and I thought the two interviewers, Jeremiah Smith and Jesse May, did great interviews.

On Monday I was on Jeremiah Smith’s PokerRoad show “Cash Plays.” The interview actually got flipped on its head midway through as Jeremiah put his tilt issues on the table and became a client. Funny enough you’ll notice (and he even says it) there a few longish pauses for radio and a couple times where I hesitate because when I’m in sessions I’m used to asking the questions, but were doing this on radio and it’s his show! The show has gotten good reviews so far, in part because I go into some detail about a plan to deal with tilt. So if tilt is an issue for you, you’ll get some free instruction out of listening. Click here to listen.

Then on Friday, I was on The Poker Show with Jesse May. Admittedly I wasn’t aware of his show beforehand, but after listening to a few archived shows of his was very excited to be on. He’s a tough interviewer by asking really interesting probing questions. It was fun being put to the test and felt like I stepped up pretty well. Click here to listen.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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