The SNE Project Player is…

While there were a number of players who fit a lot of what I was looking for, there was only one who best fit the player I had in mind for this project…Jeff Campbell – DTB screen name is “JCampbell.”

I was looking for a player that had several common mental game problems, who couldn’t yet grind enough hands and is an established winning player. Jeff has all of these while also being a really enthusiastic and likable guy. He’s really excited to work hard for himself and to share openly his experience. He’ll be posting his first of many blogs soon on DTB, and will be in the forums there answering questions about his experience and at times also answering questions directed to me…something that I think will be great for all of you, because he’ll be able to talk about aspects of my instruction in ways that I can’t.

So all of you know, my instructions to him about blogging was simply for him to be as honest as he wants to. I have no problem with him expressing difficulty, confusion, problems, etc if that’s what he’s going through. It does no one any good to sugar coat any part of this process. It’s going to be hard, and talking about that is one way for him to blow off some steam, make it real for all of you and inform me on what adjustments I need to make to our work.

He and I actually had our first session today, and I have a strong suspicion this series of videos and his interaction with all of you is going to be really helpful.

There is one other thing that all of you need to know. Since he and I are just getting started, at this point it is not possible for him to make SNE this year. It is in large part a timing issue because 3 months have passed and the issues he and I have to work on have significantly affected both the amount and stakes he’s been playing. I had to think critically about this for a few minutes before realizing that everything that Jeff brings to the table here out FAR outweighs the fact that we have to adjust the goal. Since SNE is out of the question, we’ve changed the finish line to be 800k VPPS in 8 months. A pace that is roughly 17k/month above average, still allows this project to still provide a great challenge resulting in a ton of great content to will help all of you and Jeff being ready to make SNE in 2011.

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