SNE Project Update

After 5 sessions with Jeff, I’ve started going through the recordings to put together the videos series for all of you. As Jeff has written, he’s made some great strides over the past several months in his mental game and I’m looking forward to piecing together parts of our sessions along with some instruction, so it can have the same impact on your game.

There is one important change to the series that you need to know about. The original intent was to find someone, who with the right information and coaching could make SNE. That went out the window from the start because Jeff was so far behind, but he was such a good candidate in other ways that I went with him. As with any goal, adjustments have to be made when the conditions you started with change and for Jeff, that happened when Stars made changes to their table structures. With the games getting tougher, he decided to devise a new playing strategy and cut back on tables. As a result he asked if it was alright that he abandon getting on pace for SNE status, and after thinking for a few minutes, realized I wasn’t going to let a video series get in the way doing what he thought was best for his game.

He mentioned this about 5 weeks in and I considered going back into the pool of applicants to find someone else, but with the year close to 1/2 over by the time we would have started, it just didn’t make sense. Plus, thinking more about the timing of this whole thing, made me realize my logic from the start was completely off. The time to start it is in September or October of the year prior to going for SNE, so they can hit the ground running on Jan 1st, rather than getting started on Jan 1, let alone mid April! Complete tactical error on my part, that was partially due to the timing of me joining DTB, but hey I’ve learned a few things along the way with this, and now I’ll be putting the series together so all of you can as well.

So the adjustment that I’m making is really just in the content. Since volume is such a huge part of making SN or SNE, I wanted all of you to know that it is not going to be in this series. If there are enough of you out there who want coaching type videos like these specifically for improving volume I’ll strongly consider doing it. Just let me know.

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One Response to “SNE Project Update”

  1. Wow, this is going to be best series ever.
    Please please make a “how to make The Volume” series.

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