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Late last year I started searching the internet to see what information I could find on the mental game of poker. To my surprise, I found very little quality instruction that covered what I think are the most important areas: tilt, fear, motivation, and confidence. There are of course other areas that are important, such as, focus, volume, A-game, and the zone, but what I’ve found is that by first taking care of the four most important areas, the other areas are much easier to fix. The reverse isn’t true though.

To fill that void, my goal is for to be the place you turn to for the highest quality instruction on the mental game. With my book done and being released next week, I’ll be writing more articles, blogging more, and coming up with new ways to help you improve your mental game.

Part of this goal comes with an upgrade to the site that went live today. You’ll notice the Recent Articles page has been replaced with a page called Instruction. This will make it easier for you to find all the content that’s been buried on the site. There’s a ton of great content, and now you can get the info you need quickly. On that page, you’ll find links to articles (19 so far) that I’ve written for WPT Magazine, Poker Pro Europe, and PartyPoker. There are videos, instructional blogs, podcasts, and articles written by members of the press who I’ve coached.

I’ll be adding new content every week, so be sure to check back often. Here’s some of what’s new on the site:

18 page excerpt from the fear chapter of the book

Available for download by clicking here.

Training Your Brain for Multi-Tabling, Poker Pro Europe

In the second article in my monthly column, I show you how to increase volume and mental strength.

New Year’s Resolutions/Achieving Goals, 8-part blog series

Encase you missed it – I just finished up a seven part blog series to help you achieve your goals or resolutions in 2011.

The mental game matters. Tilt, laziness, and fear (moving up in stakes, for example) cost money. They also slow your learning, which means you have to work harder to keep up with an evolving game. The games were already getting tougher before the DOJ laid the smackdown on online poker in the US, now it’s even more so.

Whether you’re playing in games where the edges are smaller, or you’re on the sidelines working on your game until you can play again, the mental game has become the next frontier to create edge. 5 years ago winning players could tilt off a couple buy-ins and it didn’t really matter. You no longer have that luxury.

If you have ideas how I can make the site even stronger, or have ideas for content that you’d like to see, send me an email here.

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