PartyPoker Big Game IV

I’m not usually one to jump on the hype for a show that’s getting a ton of press, but since I’m going to be there, I have to talk about it.

It started several weeks ago when Dusty was asked by Jesse May, on The Poker Show to play in the Big Game and try to play for 48hrs straight. A sick thing to go for and of course there’s no one better than him to make a play at something like this. After a few weeks of details being up in the air, Dusty got confirmation that he was on the show sometime last week and I cleared my scheduled and booked a flight to head over to London with him.

There are a number of reason’s that I’m psyched for this trip and when I found out Isildur committed to playing it only jacked it up even more.

For one, I’m psyched to hang with Dusty. He and I became great friends while I was living in Portland, and haven’t hung out since I moved to NY in June. We talk often enough on the phone, but it’s not the same. So his stop-over comes through NY and then we’ll head on over to the other side of the Atlantic. Our 6pm flight from NY gets in at 6am the next morning so Friday is going to be a struggle unless we’re hopped up on adrenaline, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Another exciting part of trip is that I’m going to have a chance to meet in person a guy I’ve been talking to for 8+ months, and basically 4 days a week the past 3 – Barry Carter. Barry and I got to talking back in August when he contacted me out of the blue with an idea to write a series of articles chronicling getting coaching with me. After that I can’t remember really how we kept chatting – probably a combo of me curious about his progress and us continuing to do some work. In any event we struck up a friendship and around the time I realized that my progress with the book was going no where fast, I asked if he could help out.

Having worked on the book heavily since Jan, we finished a major milestone today with the book and are rolling on quite well. I could never have imagined at the start how important his help would be in getting this mass of content out of my head and presented in an orderly way, but he’s been invaluable. Plus since he’s a poker player first and a writer second, he’s helping to make sure that the book written as you would want it. He and I have gotten to be pretty good friends though all this, which is kind of funny to say about someone I’ve never actually met. So it’ll be great to hang with him there.

One of the great things about the trip as a whole and the Big Game is the unpredictability. There’s a bunch of things that I know of up in the air that could all add to the trip, and I’m certain there’s much more that I can’t even think of. The biggest known wild card is 100% Isildur. It was going to be a great event before his announcement now it has the potential to be unf’nbalievable. Not to mention that the cash game is running for 48hours, it’s sure to make for a lot of entertainment. I wrote an article for Pokernews today that gives a few reasons why. The cliff notes is that it has the potential to be a total train wreck and for those playing a ton of hours will be a battle of ‘C’ games.

By some grace of god I somehow thought to check the expiration date on my passport while watch TV this week. Turned out that it would have expired two days into the trip, so I could leave, but couldn’t come back. Fortunately there’s a passport office 30min from where I live and the process was actually pretty straightforward – minus me being nervous that something was/is going to go wrong with it. Happy to help the government out of debt, I paid a few extra bucks to expedite it, so my fingers are crossed it shows up tomorrow and I can breath a little easier.

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