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Get the book that’s changing the rules on how the mental game is played.

The Mental Game of Poker isn’t just another poker psychology or poker mindset book. It’s a true advancement in the field and full of great advice that’s helping players permanently, not just temporarily, solve problems with tilt, motivation, confidence, and more. The reason this book can offer such strong claims, is that it’s based on methods proven to help over 170 players from around the world. What other book can say that?

It’s hard for me on the one hand to be the author, and make such strong claims. It’s not in my nature to be boastful, so I hope it’s not coming off this way. I just know how valuable, unique, and powerful this material is, and I’m doing what I can to help you see that too. It almost feels a bit like the movie, The Game. Michael Douglas’s character is a very wealthy man, who is set in his own ways and believes that his life is the best that it can be. It takes an outside company, hired by his brother, to shake him free of his outdated perspective.

It’s dramatic and jarring, and a great movie if you haven’t seen it. I’m not trying to be quite so dramatic. I just want to point out that what makes my material so valuable, is not just the advice I give, but the process by which you can take it, learn, and use it. There’s a ton of great information out there, but the real question is: Can you use it to help you perform better mentally, and reach your potential as a player?

The secret is learning. The mental game is a skill. Every little piece that makes up tilt control, or the focus to play a ton of hours, or the confidence to sustain long-bad runs, can all be learned because it’s a skill. Some people have these skills naturally, others have to learn them.

This book is for majority of you out there who are Mental Game Fish, and need to learn these skills. The way you’re going to learn it best is when you understand the basic principles of learning, how the mind functions, and the role of emotion. With that in the background, the general strategy I lay out in Chapter 4 can help you solve any mental game issue once you’ve used the rest of the book to plug in specific advice that you need.

The question about whether you should buy this book or not, should not be based on importance of the mental game – that’s obvious. The question is whether the material in my book can help you to solve issues that many poker players thing are just part of the game. Getting pissed off and tilting money because you lose in not just a fact of playing poker. Tilt does not have to be part of your game, and this book is proving that it can help you get rid of it.

It’s not just me making these claims, there book is off to a great start with reviews:

“Tendler and Carter also take a fresh approach and give you actionable things you can do to improve your mental game but also measure your improvement.”
– Bill Rini, Legendary Blogger

“I’m a tilt monkey and finished the book with the confidence knowing I can diminish tilting at the tables.”
– Paul “Tao Pauly” McGuire, Author, What is Jack Tripper Stole My Dog?

“Raises the bar so high for poker mindset books, other thinkers may not be able to clear it.”
– Jack Welch, Poker Author, Editor & Player

“Tendler provides real steps and real answers for poker players involved in the day to day struggle who are too often beating themselves.”
– Jesse May, PartyPoker

“This book contains advice that simply isn’t out there.”
– Matt Perry, Bluff Europe

“Quite simply it is the only book you will ever need regarding the mental side of poker.”
– Matthew Pitt, Betfair

“This book is the first of its kind and should be considered mandatory reading for any poker player.”
– Hunter Bick, DragTheBar CEO

“The book is full of so many ways to help you improve your emotional control that they are literally spilling out from the pages.”
– Lee Davy, Poker Journalist

“Any player that hopes to have long-term success with poker needs to have this book in their library.”
– Verneer, Cardrunner’s Coach

“Concisely written, painstakingly detailed and fantastically insightful.”
– Daniel Smyth, WPT Magazine

“Jared Tendler’s book is by far and away the most advanced Poker book out there”
– Colin, Customer

“This is the most advanced, detailed information in one spot that I have ever seen on the mental side of poker.”
– Charley, customer

“I now easily see how losing players continue to be losing players…they are, ‘Mental Game Fish.'”
– Rey, Customer

Find out for yourself what players from over 40 countries have already discovered – this book gives you a real edge and can quickly pay for itself. Order today!

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