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So the big news and happenings in my career the past few weeks is that I’ve decided to self-publish my book. In evaluating the alternatives, it just makes the most sense for me. I’ve been telling my friends that it feels a bit like it’s my turn to be project manager on the apprentice. I’ve been involved in varying degrees of leading businesses, learning from the side from family and friends in their careers, and now it’s my turn to take the reigns of a big project like this. It’s going to be a challenge for sure and I have a lot to learn, but I’m excited and feel ready to take on.

That being said, there a lot of work ahead. Between actually writing the book (which is coming along well), turning it into a finished product and getting into your hands…there’s a lot to do and that’s just what I know about. So the next big task is to figure out what I don’t know and organize everything into a coherent plan.

Fortunately for the second part, my sister who is one of the most organized people i know, has agreed to help. She used to run the operations for a trade show company and would have to lay out detailed plans 6 months out. She understands the process of putting together long-term plans like this and over the last week started working with Barry and I to put it together. So far I’m pretty happy with where we are and already am seeing the benefits. Last week was the first week since I had made the decision and it was definitely a bit overwhelming. Now having a working plan (we’ll nail down the specifics over the next few weeks) in place, it takes a lot of the stress away because I know what I need to be doing each day.

To help me figure out what I don’t know I’ve also hired a coach. I met her randomly after chatting with her husband in physical therapy last week (tendinitis in my achilles – nothing too major). I had mentioned to him that I was writing a book and he immediately said that his wife used to work as an editor in the publishing business. After speaking with her a few days later, from just a few things she mentioned I realized that she could really help me understanding the process better. My first meeting with her is next week and I’ll definitely let you know how it goes. I got of the call with her fired up, sensing that she could answer a lot of my questions. I’ve been doing research in some books, online and through some family/friends, but it’s different having someone coaching you.

Now that things are getting into better order I’m going to keep up with my blog more.

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