Mental Game of Poker Now Shipping

Barry and I celebrate the printing of the book, finally, with a quick video blog. Plus, doing video let’s me taunt him a bit since he doesn’t have one yet. Sorry about my audio quality I think Barry made me sound and look blurry on purpose. (Jealous bastard.)

I do want thank all of you who pre-ordered the book and have been waiting patiently for it. The book was delayed at the printer because there was a mix-up with the color of the cover. I got my first proof back months ago and it looked perfect. Round 2 when it matters, and it comes back purple. Wtf. Took a week, plus some holidays, to sort out, but it is now and looks great.

It really means a lot that you took a chance on the book knowing very little about it. I promise it will deliver, and promise to be around to help you get the most out of it. At this point, I’m excited to actually have it in front of me, and to get it in your hands, so you can see for yourself what Barry and I have work so hard to write and publish.

For those who haven’t purchased it yet, the book is available exclusively at

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