I Suck at Social Networking

Ironically it took admitting this yesterday for me to finally do something about it. The truth is I just didn’t really understand how to use the medium to add value to my coaching, but with the help of some friends, and a little research it’s starting to sink in.

I have a bunch of ideas and am now really looking forward to figuring out how to use it in a way that’s useful to you. Insights that I have when writing the book, quotes that I find that I like, videos, articles, etc… that I find along the way related to the mental game. Stuff intended to help you be a jedi master.

So I just created a twitter account and have a couple posts up there now. It’s obviously really early, but it’ll give you a taste of where I’m heading with this. I’ve been on Facebook since the beginning of the year, and will be adding more there too. Btw, the quote by Steinbrenner I posted on Twitter, I think is absolutely brilliant. I heard it on ESPN while they were paying tribute to him, showing old clips of an interview from 2002. He took it too far, as he admits, but I think the logic behind the idea is a BIG reason for the Yankees’ success. ***Added: I found the interview! (~48secs in)***

I’m not going to bombard this space with updates, or reminders to this fact unless it’s something really noteworthy…for now I just wanted to keep you all up on what’s new.

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