French Translation of The Mental Game of Poker

36481_TMGP1_ftcover_French Very excited to announce that The Mental Game of Poker has been translated into French. In partnership with Simon Sanchez, the owner of the website, we were able to produce a high quality translation that people are already very excited about.

The book is available in softcover and ebook, from these places:

Directly From Us (Get a 20% discount using promo code: ZE9Z44FX)
Amazon France
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany

Since the book just came out, shipping is a little tricky. At the moment, it’s not currently available on Amazon France. But you can get the book shipped from us, the UK or Germany, but the cost is a little higher than it will be once the book is available from Amazon France.

EBook (No shipping issues here!)
Kindle France
Kindle Canada
Kindle US
Apple iBook France
Google Play

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