Exciting First Day

Today is an exciting day. Not only is it my first day at Dragthebar.com it’s also the day that my new SN/SNE program is released. The combination of the two has me fired up even though the weather in NY today is dreary.

Coming to DTB, is something that is really well timed in my career. It gives me the ability to work in an environment with a lot of flexibility and room to expand how I deliver unique content to all of you. That starts with the SN/SNE program, and I have plenty more in the works.

My goal at DTB is to create THE home for poker psychology. The program I’ve refined over the past couple years from my study and work with poker players is in the final stages of being complete. A program that has helped thousands already to eliminate tilt, reduce fear/anxiety, improve confidence motivation and focus, deal with the realities of variance, play more hours and tables, and actually improve their poker skill, has again been improved.

What makes the program so unique is that it puts clear logic and strategy to the mental game – words that aren’t often used when talking about it. The bottom line is once you understand some basic principals about the mind, emotions, learning, and performance – improvement get really really straightforward, logical and just makes sense.

My program is something I’ve been working on for the past 10 years. It started in a very different form and in a completely different sport.

As a golfer in college on a track to playing professional golf, I was derailed by my own mental struggles in the elite national events. Sports psychology was pretty new back then and what was available to me helped at all times except where I needed it most – in the big pressure spots. Despite the urging of friends and family, I wasn’t about to just try to play professionally knowing I had these problems, but I was convinced there was a better way and if I found it I’d either cure myself and play professionally or have a career.

Turns out they both came true, but my stint as a professional golfer was short lived in part because of poker.

The story from then to now is a long one. Taking me through a 5th year of college to add a psychology major, a graduate degree in psychology, 2 years of post grad work to be licensed, starting my own golf psychology business in AZ, working with 100’s of golfers including PGA and LPGA tour players, fixing my own issues and playing 5 professional golf events, meeting/working with Dusty, joining Stoxpoker, working with 100’s of poker players, to now joining DTB.

The cliff notes hides the incredible amount that I’ve learned from over that time, and more recently in poker. My program was solid from my work with golfers, but there were still lose ends. Ends that I never could have guessed would be tied together from poker, but it makes sense when you look at the premium that is placed on the quality of your mental game in poker mostly because of variance.

So starting with the SN/SNE program I’ll be rolling out what I’ve learned. Because making SNE is a major challenge that means there’s a huge premium placed on having the right information for you. So I’ve come up with a way for enough players’ to get customized instruction. Being just one person that’s hard to give to thousands of players, but I think I’ve found a way. By combining high level videos, dedicated forum, Webinars, and the SNE Project, the gap between working with me directly and just a video can be filled. Of course ultimately my performance is judged by you.

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2 Responses to “Exciting First Day”

  1. You join DTB ? omg … i said to Dusty if u do this i will snap join… and i just join !
    Good luck !


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