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About a month ago, Barry (co-author) left Pokernews to join He’s taken the opportunity to write some great commentary on recent happenings in the poker world – and they’re been a lot of it recently – as well as a few great interviews. Barry updates his blog regularly with his favorite articles, but here are the ones that have stood out to me this past month:

A Debate Poker Didn’t Need, Sept 16th
Discussion about the convicted sex offender who booted, and had his money taken, from the Epic Poker League

AGCC, You Failed, Sept 29th
Barry analyzes the statement released by the AGCC after suspending Full Tilt’s license and suggest how it could have been prevented.

Skeptical About The International Stadiums Poker Tour, Oct 11th
$30 million guranteed? Barry questions whether in the current poker environment they can pull off an event with 20-30k players.

I’m not just recommending you read Barry’s articles because he’s a friend, and co-authored my book. He has a unique take on poker and is writing some great stuff. If staying up on the happenings in the poker world are important to you, follow him on twitter: @Barry_Carter (Doyle does!) and read his articles.

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