Are You The Biggest Tilter?

Have a tilt problem? Is tilt a big issue in your game? Want free coaching with me? I’m looking for The Biggest Tilter and the reward is a minimum of 4 hours of free coaching and a signed copy of The Mental Game of Poker (at least a $1,200 value).

I’m pretty excited to be announcing this contest. I had the idea two years ago, and even bought the domain name just in case. Unfortunately, the timing comes at another tough time in the poker world. With Full Tilt being shut down, I know there are many of you are affected very deeply and it just plain sucks. We’re all trying to make the best of a rapidly changing online poker world, and hopefully this contest can be a good outlet to vent some frustration, have some fun, and get top notch instruction.

Basically, The Biggest Tilter is a contest to find and cure the DragTheBar member with the biggest tilt problem. Show that you’re a committed poker player and that tilt is the biggest obstacle holding your game back, and I’ll reward you with the high-end instruction needed to break through and start crushing. No matter which of the 7 types of tilt you suffer from, this contest is your chance to make tilt a thing of the past.

7 Types of Tilt
-Running Bad Tilt
-Injustice Tilt
-Hate-losing Tilt
-Mistake Tilt
-Entitlement Tilt
-Revenge Tilt
-Desperation Tilt


The competition is open to everyone, both free and premium DTB members. Your video will be judged on several criteria, including:

-Demonstration of Tilt Problem / Degree of desperation
-Creativity / Entertainment / Humor
-Seriousness about improving your poker game
-Presentation / Production Value

From now until July 31st, you can submit your video entry on the DTB Member Videos page (for information on uploading, click here). For everyone not selected, the sessions with the winner will be turned into instructional videos for the DragTheBar community, you’ll be able to follow and learn along with The Biggest Tilter as I mold them into an unstoppable machine.

Requirements for Entry:

1. Submit your video application to the DTB member video page (uploading is free, you just need a free DTB account).
2. Videos must be between 2 and 5 minutes long.
3. Two videos allowed per member during the contest period.
4. You must reference at least one type of tilt you suffer from (see above).
5. Must include at least one cliche’d and played-out phrase, such as: “God I run so bad.”
6. No animals or other living organisms can be harmed in the filming of your video.
7. Videos must be uploaded by July 31st, 2011 to qualify for entry.


Winner: A minimum of 4 one-hour coaching sessions with Jared Tendler and a signed copy of his highly acclaimed book, “The Mental Game of Poker.”
3 Runner-ups: Signed copies of the book.
Bonus Winner: The best video submitted before July 7, will receive a 1-hour coaching session with Jared, and a signed copy of his book.

If you have any questions, post them in this blog, on in this forum on DTB.


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