7 Client Sessions

Over the last several years I’ve released 7 full length client sessions covering a variety of players and topics. You may learn a few things that can immediately help your game, and if you’ve ever considered working with me this gives you a great look at what it would be like.

Session with George who had a major problem handling bad beats.

Session with Garrett covering tilt, fear and loss of confidence.

This session is with a player who thought the problem was one thing and didn’t realize that it was caused by an unknown flaw. Focus problems were caused by a confidence problem, which was in turn caused by fear.

Session with Laurence “LadyLuck” Grondin dealing with some professional/non-poker issues. (On a French website, but the session is in English.)

Session with Martin “Dr. Giggy” Fournier covering tilt. (On a French website, but the session is in English.)

Session with James Atkins to increase motivation and volume, particularly for his SNE chase.

Video session with Sean Gibson (formerly of Poker News Daily) addressing the problems handling downswing. Part 1Part 2.

Hope you find them helping/interesting!

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