6 Reasons Why Psychology Matters in Poker

From PartyPoker’s Blog

As poker continues to become more competitive, it becomes increasingly important to find edges where players don’t often look.

Psychology is one of those places because the numbers of poker players who scoff at it, still out number the ones who see real value in it… but that’s changing. It wasn’t long ago winning players didn’t need to work on issues of tilt, focus, motivation, confidence, etc, because the games were so good it didn’t really matter. Sure it cost them, but not enough to be a problem.

That’s no longer the case. The sheer numbers of players combined with the amount of quality poker education out there now demands that to have an edge in most games means that you have to dig into the side of the game that in a sense is still quite juicy…the mental side.

Whether reducing tilt, improving focus or training to play in the zone – improving the mental side of your game happens in the same way as improving your poker game. It comes down to developing a strategy based on quality information, and since matters of the mind are not always obvious, here are six (of many) ways that psychology matters to your game.[Read More]

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