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TMGP2 Audiobook Now Available

Tweet The wait is over! I’m excited to announce that the TMGP2 audiobook is now available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. You can pick up a copy, possibly for free, by going to these links: Audible, Audible UK, Audible DE Amazon, Amazon UK iTunes US (Available in over 40 countries worldwide. Check your local iTunes.) […]

Ask Me Anything on

Tweet Last week the members of got to literally ask me anything and they did! What was supposed to be a 90 minute deal, turned into more, as I couldn’t leave some well crafted questions hanging. My wrists were hurting afterwards, but I got this nice compliment in their recap: Our members took the […]

Exclusive Contest

Tweet The nice people at iTunes have given me some copies of The Mental Game of Poker 1 and 2 to give away in iBooks format. So I will be giving away three pairs of each book exclusively to people on my mailing list. Instructions for how to enter the contest will be included in […]

Interview with LifeWithFaceCards

Tweet This is one of the more personal interviews I’ve done. Very little instruction, and mostly about my early life, my goals, and career path. I really enjoyed it because David asked a lot of very interesting and thought provoking questions. Click here to listen If you’re unfamiliar with David’s website, he’s only recently added […]

TMGP2 Bookclub

Tweet A few months ago the guys over at came up with a great idea: have their podcast also include a bookclub. Each month their listeners, and the hosts, read the same book and then participate in a discussion. Brilliant! This month they’re featuring The Mental Game of Poker 2! The first episode discussing […]

Interview with

Tweet Posted on PokerListings: Jared Tendler: “Hellmuth is the Phil Mickelson of Poker” Mental coach Jared Tendler helps us understand the psychology of being “in the zone” and why Hellmuth is the Phil Mickelson of the poker world. Tendler’s new book, co-written by Barry Carter, just hit shelves and in it he draws on the […]

First book reviews

Tweet The first few book reviews of The Mental Game of Poker 2 are in…and they’re quite strong! Rich Prew, BlondePoker forum Bill Rini, Popular poker blogger TMGP2 is now shipping and available in all eBook formats. Click here for all the places to order a copy. Tweet

Article: Common Learning Errors

Tweet With all these great resources available at Pokerstrategy it’s impossible not to learn, but generally poker players don’t always have a particularly organized approach when it comes to how they learn. In some instances, they’re too passive and hope that by following the lead established by other players they will get to where they […]

Article: Key Factor to Find the Zone

Tweet One area where poker differs significantly from other sports is the degree to which the competitors are evenly matched, especially among professionals. Soccer teams compete with similar level teams determined by leagues, sprinters only race against those with high enough qualifying times, and boxers are matched against fighters in their weight class and of […]

eBooks Now Available

Tweet The pre-order is over and The Mental Game of Poker 2 is also now available as an ebook! Click below to get a copy in your favorite format: Kindle Kindle UK Kindle Canada Kindle Germany Apple iBookstore PDF ePub Nook Softcover Now Shipping Today is the last day to get one here for 20% […]

Final Day To Join The Free Webinar

Tweet Today is the last day to pre-order The Mental Game of Poker 2 and be eligible to participate in a free webinar about the book. The response has been so great that I’ll be hosting three webinars, at various times, so there’s a solid chance that you’ll be able to attend. They’ll all take […]

Read Chapter 1 of The Mental Game of Poker 2

Tweet TMGP2 Sample by Jared Tendler Special Preorder Promotion Ends March 26th: 20% discount, signed copy, and FREE webinar If you preorder the TMGP2 before April 23 you’ll get a 20% discount. If you preorder by March 26 and enter coupon code: signed from your cart here, you can also have your copy signed and […]

Pre-order: The Mental Game of Poker 2

Tweet I’m really excited to announce The Mental Game of Poker 2 is now available for pre-sale. It’ll be released on April 23rd. The new book is filled with all new material that centers around helping you to play in the zone consistently. There’s a lot more in there as well that’s designed to move […]

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