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The Value of Vacation

Tweet One of the reasons I’m good at my job is that I go through and have gone through many of the same things my clients do. My area of performance has been and is different than yours, but the details of what makes me successful are the same as what makes you. Of course […]

Exciting First Day

Tweet Today is an exciting day. Not only is it my first day at it’s also the day that my new SN/SNE program is released. The combination of the two has me fired up even though the weather in NY today is dreary. Coming to DTB, is something that is really well timed in […]

DragTheBar Press Release

Tweet Announces Addition Of Renowned Performance Coach Poker Training Site Grows Again As Jared Tendler Joins Roster To Captain SuperNova Elite Program CHARLOTTE, N.C. — February 22, 2010 — Emerging poker training site announced today it has added renowned performance coach Jared Tendler to its roster of instructors. Tendler, who previously taught at […]

Project Manager

Tweet So the big news and happenings in my career the past few weeks is that I’ve decided to self-publish my book. In evaluating the alternatives, it just makes the most sense for me. I’ve been telling my friends that it feels a bit like it’s my turn to be project manager on the apprentice. […]

The Writing Groove

Tweet This has been a really interesting week. I really didn’t think that much would change by leaving Stoxpoker, but I must have only been thinking about the impact on my work day, not at all on my state of mind. The first couple days, Friday and Saturday, were admittedly quite stressful. Change sometimes just […]

Leaving Stoxpoker

Tweet This is actually a lot harder to say than I thought it would. I’m leaving Stoxpoker. This was a tough decision because I’m grateful for the opportunity to coach here and because I’m leaving all of you. When I joined the site a couple years ago, I admittedly made the foundation series the way […]

2+2 Pokercast

Tweet Pokercast Episode 46 – Dusty Schmidt & Jared Tendler My segment starts at 1:19:00 Live from the Two Plus Two Studios – The feature guest this week on Pokercast is online poker pro Dusty “leatherass” Schmidt. Dusty comes on the program to talk about his rise from small stakes no-limit holdem, how to be […]

A New Set of Results

Tweet Excerpt from Treat Your Poker Like a Business From Dusty’s Blog, December 15, 2009 Hi everyone, Today’s excerpt from “Treat Your Poker Like A Business” pertains to revising your concept of success. This piece is actually written by Jared Tendler, a performance coach for both poker players and golfers. As you probably know by […]

The Only Reason Tilt Happens

Tweet As appeared in April 2008 issue of 2+2 Magazine Tilt is a consequence of the brain’s response to a threat. This response has developed over the past 300+ million years and at this point in evolution, a threat does not have to be real physical danger; psychological threats are treated in the exact same […]

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