Take Control of Tilt: Part 4

From PartyPoker’s Blog

Last time I gave you a strategy for dealing with your own tilt issues in real time, today I am going to talk about how to track your progress.

Often when players are working on an issue like tilt they will try a strategy that works well in the short term but completely abandon it the first time they go on full blown monkey tilt.

They assume that a new strategy should be an instant fix, when in reality improvement doesn’t work like that. When making improvement with tilt you’re going to take steps forward (where you’re able to control your reactions) and then take step backwards (where you totally lose control). The key is to make the step backwards shorter, or in other words you make the severity of your worst, better.

That still means you tilt, but if you tilt less, that’s actually a big step on the road towards total control. This step of course is not the end goal, but it is key that you notice your worst getting better because too often players stop doing what is working because they are looking for the BIG change. When improving tilt you have to look for the small improvements, and over time they’ll accumulate into BIG changes. [Read more]

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