Take Control of Tilt: Part 3

From PartyPoker’s Blog

In the last blog I told you about a strategy that can be used to help control tilt in real time. Included in that is the use of a statement to ‘Inject the Logic’ as a means of getting you thinking more clearly at a time when tilt starts affecting your thinking.

I also talked about working towards resolving the underlying cause to your tilt. Something that reduces the intensity of your anger, so you have less emotion to manage at the table.

Resolution happens when you solve the conflict between you and poker. It may seem as though your conflict is straightforward – you hate getting sucked out on, you hate losing, you hate making mistakes, you hate losing to bad players, you hate being hit & run, you hate running bad, etc. But there are a lot of details about this conflict which can’t be covered in a short blog. [Read more]

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