Take Control of Tilt: Part 1

From PartyPoker’s Blog

Tilt is one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of poker and a big reason why it is because it is defined too broadly. When someone plays bad you’ll often hear them say it was because they were simply on tilt, but without saying why.

“I was playing ok, then I went on tilt, then I started playing badly.” It’s as though tilt is just accepted as part of the game, rather than something to improve.

There are lots of different things that can cause you to play bad: you might be playing too loose or too tight, anxious in a big pot, running bad, tired, bored, distracted by the internet, a rude player in the chat box, and many others. Each of reasons to play bad actually requires a unique strategy to fix it. If all defined under the umbrella of tilt, it would be like a going to a doctor saying that you don’t feel well diagnosing you as being ‘sick.’ Thanks doc.

Having spent 1000’s of hours coaching poker players, answering questions, reading/posting on forums, etc, and the most common reason poker player play bad when referring to tilt is anger. [Read more]

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