Article: Common Learning Errors

With all these great resources available at Pokerstrategy it’s impossible not to learn, but generally poker players don’t always have a particularly organized approach when it comes to how they learn. In some instances, they’re too passive and hope that by following the lead established by other players they will get to where they want to be. In other instances, they become victims of their own enthusiasm and overwhelm themselves by trying to learn too much.

In my new book The Mental Game of Poker 2 I tackle the issue of learning head on and show you how to develop a more organized and dynamic approach to how you learn. This is so important because it helps you to:

• Become more adaptive to a rapidly changing competitive environment.
• Develop a structure for consistency through the ups and downs of poker.
• Maintain interest and enthusiasm in the game, which prevents plateaus, boredom, and burnout.
• Forge transferable skills that apply outside of poker.
• Create new ways of evaluating improvement that go beyond poker results.
• Strengthen your autonomy as a player.
• Make it possible to reach the zone consistently.

Making improvement every day should be one of your top priorities. If you have been playing poker for a while and have currently hit a slump in your learning, correcting the following hidden mistakes may be key to jumpstarting or accelerating your ability to learn.

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