Achieve Your 2012 Goals

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Whether it is in the form of a New Year’s resolution, or simply looking ahead to 2012, now is the time to begin setting goals for the next 12 months. The best way to do that is to think back to where your game was a year ago, and compare it to where it is now. What’s improved? What hasn’t? What goals did you achieve in 2011? Which ones did you not achieve?

Properly set goals for 2012 starts by understanding what you achieved and did not achieve in 2011. When evaluating your goals from 2011, be sure to adjust them for the impact of Black Friday. The poker landscape changed dramatically this year, and your evaluation must take that into account. You also need to be realistic about the current realities of the poker economy.

It’s impossible to know what will happen in poker in 2012, but being prepared for a range of possibilities, such as regulated online poker, will make you better able to capitalise on those opportunities if they happen. In order to get you best prepared for a successful 2012, here are some solutions to a few common mistakes when setting goals: Click here to read more

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