How Damaging is Multitasking to Poker Players?

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Last week, industry-leading psychology magazine Pyschology Today ran a series of features on the destructive role that distraction and multitasking is playing on our lives. They found that attention problems were not only greatly reducing our ability to perform, they also were a contributory factor to obesity, drink, and drug related problems.

We live in a culture of distraction; the vast improvements in technology make it so that we are more vulnerable to interruption than ever before. Right now the chances are that as you read this, you could be distracted by email, text messages, phone calls, twitter, Facebook, Skype, forums, advertising banners and other interesting web pages – both on your PC and your mobile phone.

The amount of information we can consume at any given moment is infinite, but human beings have not developed the capacity to cope with this.

The online poker player is particularly vulnerable to this level of distraction; not only do they spend most of their time at a PC, they also set their own hours and are not being monitored by a boss, not to mention already loading their capacity to maximum by playing a high number of tables. Click here to read more

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